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Made with plants for you

Plant-based nutrition for optimizing your daily health.

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Bringing plant-based values to the supplement aisle

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Despite all the “good for you” messaging, most supplements are filled with a lot of not-so-good. Unsubstantiated claims, ineffective ingredients, synthetic fillers, loads of sugar, vague sourcing—the list goes on. wholier exists to bring real substance and thoughtfulness to the supplement aisle. That means plant-based ingredients, effective formulations supported by science, honest sourcing, and eco-friendly packaging. We're here to help you feel whole in a way you can trust.

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Daily essentials that have good roots

You deserve vegan supplements that go beyond surface-level benefits.

Made with plants

All of our formulations start with plants because we believe daily nutrition should come from ingredients you know.

Sourced with integrity

We source our ingredients for you to see and use forms and dosages that are backed by science.

Crafted with intention

We keep our ingredient lists short, our scientific research deep, and our footprint small.

Plant-based nutrition essentials for AM and PM

8:00 AM

Multi for Plant-Based People $29 $39

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Rise and optimize

Start your day with a science-backed multivitamin specifically designed for the nutritional needs of plant-forward diets.

  • Energy*
  • Brain Function*
  • Immunity (+ more)*
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9:00 PM

Night Minerals: Plant-Based Magnesium + Calcium $22 $29

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Unwind for bedtime

Prepare for a restful night’s sleep with Night Minerals, our delicious drink made with magnesium and calcium sourced from the sea, plus real organic blackberries.

  • Restorative Sleep*
  • Relaxation*
  • Muscle Recovery (+ more)*
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Multi for Plant-Based People

$29 a month or $39 one time
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Night Minerals: Plant-Based Magnesium + Calcium

$22 a month or $29 one time
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Every order plants two trees

For us, plant-based living isn’t just about eating plants—it’s about growing them too.


Each order plants trees in areas that have been deeply impacted by deforestation. As healthy forests emerge, the negative effects of deforestation dissipate.


Support villagers in developing countries by creating jobs and increasing the quality of life for those living in impoverished communities.


Help us reach our goal of planting 100,000 trees this year in partnership with Eden Reforestation Projects. Let's get growing.

We're feeling whole

Hear from the wholier community.

Believe the hype!

"Wonderful supplement. I felt like my body was lacking something after going plant-based. Wholier filled that void and provided all the nutrients that my diet did not. I feel great!!!"

Jacy Y. on Multi

1st multivitamin i LOVE!!!

"It truly does what it says. I have more energy. I feel cleaner and lighter daily and their isn't any of the unnecessary ingredients other vitamins always have! And the fact that you can take it with or without food proves that!"

Tiffany T. on Multi

Checks all my boxes!

"I needed to find a way to get Vitamin D, Omega 3, and B12, but buying them all separately (and plant-based) was an expensive nightmare. wholier includes those and other essential vitamins for an affordable price. It's a lifesaver for me."

Sarah V. on Multi

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