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Plant-based wellness for plant-based people.

We're here to help plant-based people live life to the fullest.

  • Nutrition for a better
    plant-based lifestyle.

    We've been in your shoes, looking for a way to make our plant-based diet even more complete. Everything we create was made specifically for the nutritional needs and ethical values we all share.

  • Carefully sourced ingredients.

    We believe the best nurients are often the simplest. Our ingredients come from food-based sources whenever possible, and we want you to know exactly where it's sourced and why we included it. No more mystery.

  • Better for you. Better for mother nature.

    You're conscious about your footprint and so are we. We partner with Trees That Feed to donate 5% of our profits to help plant fruit-bearing trees to feed people, create jobs, and benefit the environment.

Letter from Our Founder

Lisa Gonzalez-Turner. Founder and CEO of wholier. Founder of wholier.

It's been a good run for us plant-based people. Plant-based eating continues to capture the public's imagination, and the options for eating healthy, delicious foods are better than ever.

But multivitamins are a different story. We went looking for something that suited our lifestyle, and every bottle on the shelf fell short. They had too many ingredients we didn't need, or not enough of the nutrients we did need. How could a community so thoughtful about what goes into their bodies have so few options to supplement their diet and support their values?

We created wholier to fill that void. A wellness brand for plant-based people.


- Lisa Gonzalez-Turner, Founder of wholier

Everything else your body needs.

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