Clean, plant-powered nutritional supplements to help you live vibrantly.

Meet Lisa. Founder, Vegan, and Conscious Consumer

Rewind to 2018. I was in search of a multivitamin that aligned with my needs a vegan and conscious consumer. The journey led me through a sea of supplements, each promising health and vitality. Yet, as I delved deeper, I found many of these products fell short, filled with ineffective ingredients and shrouded in unsustainable plastic packaging. It was a jarring revelation, pushing me to question the true path to optimizing my health.

This wakeup call ignited the birth of wholier. Built on principles of honesty, purity, and sustainability, our mission took form: to champion clean, sustainable, and genuinely effective ingredients in supplements.

At wholier, it's not just about products, it's about empowering you to feel your best and live vibrantly, while staying true to your values. Together, we're creating a new standard in the supplement industry. Here's to your health!


The ground we stand on

How we’re setting a new standard in the supplement aisle.

  • Supporting a
    Vibrant Life

    Effective formulations designed to help you feel your best every day so you can do the things you love.

  • Consciously
    Crafted Products

    Sometimes it takes a lot more thought and care to do less. We do our best to keep our footprint small, our ingredients minimal, and our quality high.

  • Giving Back To
    Our Community

    As a wellness brand, we seek more than individual improvement. We work to support nonprofits that help the greater good.

The people who live wholier

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