Contributor Q&A: Isabel Burton, Health and Wellness Editor

Contributor Q&A: Isabel Burton, Health and Wellness Editor

Meet Isabel Burton: Wellness editor, writer, and content strategist

Isabel is wellness editor, writer, and content strategist who has held executive positions at Shape, Self, Cosmo and other leading outlets. Her work has appeared in national media brands covering all things lifestyle: Beauty, wellness, food, drink, travel and more. A passion for healthy living keeps her on top of the latest scientific research and trends, and you’ll often find her shopping the local farmer’s market or jogging around Brooklyn, where she lives with her husband and son.

Q. Plant-based, plant-forward or plant curious?

A. Plant-forward. I’ve always loved veggies and fruit, so they’re a big part of all my meals. Wandering through a good produce market and discovering what’s in season, grabbing whatever’s funky-looking and foreign to me, and taking in the whole kaleidoscopic scene brings extreme joy. My son and I are shameless with free samples.

Q. Best tip to optimize your health?

A. Max out your morning. I’m a natural late-night person, so I’ve struggled hard to get to the point of waking up early. But here I am, and it’s so worth it. I am fully behind the idea that doing something healthy in the am, like exercising or getting sunlight or some nature, or even just mentally chilling sets you up for a much much better day.

Q. Why do you choose to eat a lot of plants?

A. Because I love them! But also, I can’t imagine how I’d feel if I didn’t eat all of those phytonutrients, vitamins, fiber and all the rest of the hard-working compounds that plants give you. I’m a huge believer in the power of natural foods to energize not just your body, but your brain and mental and emotional health as well. They’re vital.

Q. What is your favorite plant-based meal to serve at a dinner party?

A. An Indian vegetable curry. Something with a lot of spices and richly flavored, and includes whatever’s in season.

Q. What’s your favorite wholier formula?

A. Night Minerals Magnesium + Calcium Drink. If it’s going to make me sleep well, I’m all in.

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