7 Reasons Why Health Enthusiasts Love Wholier's Organic Plant Protein

Christina Vance

1. Say Goodbye to Bloat-Causing Additives.

Many protein powders are full of additives like emulsifiers, gums and sugar alcohols and natural flavors. These additives can cause bloating and negatively impact your gut health (no thank you!) You won't find any of these gut-disrupting additives in this blend.

2. Only Real Ingredients You Can Recognize

If you're someone who obsess over ingredient lists - this is the protein for you. wholier's blend contains just 13-14 real plant ingredients, including real cacao and vanilla bean. No fake flavors here!

3. Boost Your Digestion and Improve Your Gut Health

Let's face it - many protein powders can leave you feeling clogged up. But wholier's Plant Protein? It's a different story. Containing two powerful prebiotic plants, it helps foster a healthy gut, aiding digestion and regularity.

4. Keeps You Satisfied for Longer.

This blend boasts 21g of complete vegan protein, sourced from five powerhouse plants, plus a 5g of fiber. This combination will keep you feeling full for hours.

5. A Touch of Sweetness That's Not Overpowering

If you're weary of cloyingly sweet protein powders, then this plant protein is the answer to your prayers. Formulated with a delicate sweetness from organic monk fruit and coconut (just 2g of sugar), it highlights the tasty flavors of the real plant ingredients.

6. Smooth Texture, No Grit!

Does your protein powder feel like sandpaper on your tongue? This is the result of poor-quality protein sources. But wholier's protein blend uses only the highest-quality plant proteins available, delivering an exceptionally smooth and creamy texture.

7. A Daily Protein Boost, That's Never Boring

This blend is so delicious, you'll want to add it to everything! wholier's plant protein pairs perfectly with plant-based milks, smoothies, protein puddings, and even baked goods. It's an effortless way to pack more protein into your daily diet!

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