Vitamin D3



  • Bone Health*
  • Immune Support*
  • Supports Brain Function*

Crafted with intention

  • Strengthen your bones. Vitamin D helps the body absorb and retain calcium and phosphorus, which are vital for maintaining healthy bones.*
  • Boost your immunity. Vitamin D increases antimicrobial peptides, which function as a natural antibiotic, and guards against organisms that cause disease.*

Our Difference

Most supplements source vitamin D3 from sheep’s wool. We use a vegan source derived from fermented algae.


Cholecalciferol from fermented microalgae | Produced in England

Scientific Research

Elorinne AL, Alfthan G, Erlund I, Kivimäki H, Paju A, Salminen I, Turpeinen U, Voutilainen S, Laakso J. Food and Nutrient Intake and Nutritional Status of Finnish Vegans and Non-Vegetarians. PLoS One. 2016 Feb 3;11(2):e0148235.