• Boosts Metabolism*
  • Immune Support*
  • Anti-Inflammatory*

Crafted with intention

  • Minimize damages. Selenium helps protect the body against cell damage, and, when paired with iodine, it is crucial in regulating your thyroid and metabolism.*
  • Boost your immunity. Selenium plays an important role in the health of your immune system by helping lower oxidative stress in your body.*

Our Difference

Our food-based form is made by fermenting saccharomyces cerevisiae (gluten-free yeast) in a selenium-rich media.


Selenomethionine from gluten-free yeast (s. cerevisiae) | Produced in Canada

Scientific Research

Kadrabová J, Madaric A, Kováciková Z, Ginter E. Selenium status, plasma zinc, copper, and magnesium in vegetarians. Biol Trace Elem Res. 1995 Oct;50(1):13-24.